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On 22nd June, 34 Leading Internal Communications Directors Share Key Lessons Learned For Delivering New, Innovative & Influential IC Strategies.

New Strategies For Another New Reality! Engage, Connect & Empower Staff Through Times Of Constant Change With Connected, Strategic & Empowering Internal Communications: Plan For The Unknown Future With Proactive, Multi-Channel Communication Strategies, Engage Leadership & Cement IC’s Position As A Business-Critical Function For Continued Investment & Drive Successful Culture Change With Powerful Digital Tools To Boost Employee Experience & Productivity Across Home, Office & Hybrid Working.

A Practitioner-Led, One-Day Conference & Virtual Networking Event, 22nd June 2021.

08:30 Registration, Morning Coffee & Objective Setting

09:10 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

James Bedford, Global Director Internal Communications & Employee Engagement, RB


09:05 Create Empowering Internal Communications That Boost Workforce Productivity & Employee Experience In An Ever-Changing Environment

  • Power of the people! Encourage two-way engagement with messages and stories colleagues truly care about to win hearts and minds
  • Overcome crisis and major change with effective, focused communications that put employees’ minds to rest in periods of unsettlement
  • With employee experience more important than ever, ensure you create engaging, impactful messages that fully encompass company values and keep people on board for the journey


09:25 Not Just A Box To Tick! Position Internal Communications As An Integral Function Aligned With Business Goals & Values To Support & Drive Strategic Direction

  • Gain trusted advisor status and seats at the top table with bottom-line results to position IC as a strategic business asset
  • More than SOS comms: push your internal communications towards a more strategic function that aligns with ongoing business goals and fits the bigger picture
  • Where does IC best fit within an organisation? How much should marketing and
    HR functions feed in?

Joanna Newark, Executive Director, Global Communications, Avon

Tor Goldfield, Director of Internal Communications, Expedia Group Travel Partners Group

Sanjay Mistry, Head of Communications, Arriva Rail London

Marelie Ehlers, VP & Head of Internal Communication, Ericsson

Matthew Pittham, Head of Internal Communication, ScottishPower

Jo Hudson, Global Head of Internal Communications, Bupa

Session Reserved For BEEZY

09:55 Bonus Session Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

David Fletcher, Director, Enterprise Sales, Beezy


10:15 Effectively Determine The Success Of Internal Communications Strategies With Proactive Measurement Techniques That Truly Capture Results

  • Overcome the disconnect between outcome measurement and return on investment with clear measures that capture internal comms success
  • More than the annual satisfaction survey! What reasonable measurement strategies can be easily implemented to fully capture employee experience?
  • Gather consistent and forward-thinking measures for an early indication of when IC campaigns need to be adapted - and act on them!

Caroline Lagden, Senior Manager, Internal Communications, Lloyds Banking Group

10.30 Bonus Session Reserved For Cowry Consulting   

  • Learn why communication isn't enough to change behaviour - The Intention Action Gap
  • Understand how behavioural science can be used to drive safe behaviour, adopt new systems and engage with performance programmes
  • See how simple changes can have transformational effects with your colleagues

Jez Groom, Founder & CEO, Cowry Consulting

10:45 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11:05 Encourage Leaders To Act As Key Communicators For Cascaded Authentic Messages Which Bolster Brand Values & Employee Engagement

  • Inspire senior leaders and stakeholders to become effective, authentic and relatable communicators for messages that are driven and sustained from the top
  • Develop a close working relationship with leadership to align on key messaging direction and long-term internal communications goals
  • Empower middle management to embrace culture change and engage with communications so messages don’t get stuck


11:25 Real World Employee Communication Hacks – Innovative Solutions That Work

Ghassan Karian, Founder, Karian and Box


11:45 Ensure Internal Communications Plays Its Part In Creating An Open, Honest & Empowered Culture That Embraces Change

  • It takes years to change a culture! How can you consistently cultivate the messages your business needs to drive culture change?
  • It’s no secret that successful culture change must be driven from the top! Ensure leaders understand the importance of investment in culture for essential buy-in
  • Celebrate influencers of change and recognise leadership role models to encourage others to do the same for sustained culture change across the business

Kirsty Walden, Head of Internal Communication, Corporate, Change & Channels, Virgin Media

Gemma Webb, Head of Employee Experience, Royal Mail

Kevin Hubbard, Deputy Director Employee Experience, HM Revenue & Customs

Aisling Dunleavy, Senior Internal Communications Lead, Electronic Arts (EA)

Megan Stack, Head of Internal Communication EMEA, Dropbox

James Kenny, Head of Internal Communication & Employee Engagement, Ørsted

12:15 Bonus Session Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner - Workvivo

12:45 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners


13:15 Informal Breakout Discussions

A) Real World Employee Communication Hacks
Ghassan Karian, Founder, Karian and Box

B) Crisis Comms
Rachel Fraser, Head of Internal Communications, Manchester United

C) Middle Management

D) Low Budgets

E) Social Media Success

F) Grassroots

G) Content & Messaging

13:45 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks 

Nicholas Wardle, Head of Employee Engagement & Communications, One Housing


13:50 Establish The Optimum Channel Mix & Understand The Needs Of Different Audiences For Engaging, Multi-Channel Communications

  • Employees are your best messengers! Ensure your channel mix makes it simple for people to share their own stories for authentic conversations that flow from human voice
  • Prioritise channels based on audience needs with tailored messages and aligned content
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your channel mix and move towards multi-channel communications that empower your people without bombarding them
  • Balance the old and new! Appeal to all generations with both face-to-face and digitally savvy communications

Anna Epps, Internal Communications Director, BT


14:30 Prove Your Worth From The Bottom To The Top With Defined, Measured Results That Clearly Illustrate Success & Secure Investment

  • Determine the key information and business cases leaders want to see to convince them internal comms is a function worth investing in
  • Attribute employee experience and performance results to internal communications engagement for continued buy-in from the decision makers
  • Articulate results and translate metrics into compelling stories that demand backing and improve the perception of internal communications

14:50 Bonus Session Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

Effective Communication For Hybrid Workforces

15:20 Ensure You’re Overcoming Communication Barriers Across Your Blended Workforce – Whether They Are Working From Home, The Office Or Hybrid

  • With offices opening but part of your workforce remaining at home, how can you maintain one cohesive culture?
  • For those who choose to stay remote or hybrid, how can traditional employee engagement methods and internal communications be adapted?
  • With Gen Z now entering the workforce, what can be done to engage younger workers?
  • Implement the right tools and best channels to send your communications worldwide – travelling across different language, time zones and cultures

Claire Vivyan Roberts, Head of Employee Communications & Experience, Visa Europe

Catherine Tucker, Internal Communications & Engagement Specialist, TUI DX (Destination Experiences)



Max Puller, Head of Colleague Communications & Engagement, Tesco Bank

Milly Hutchinson, Head Of Communications, AkzoNobel UK

Caroline Lagden, Senior Manager, Internal Communications, Lloyds Banking Group

Leia Farnan, Internal Communications Manager, Moneysupermarket Group

15:50 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16:20 Keep-Up With Today’s Constantly Changing Environment & Evolving Employee Expectations With Future-Proofed Internal Communications Strategies

  • Change isn’t going to go away! From Brexit to Coronavirus, how are you ensuring employees are ready to adjust to the scary and new with impactful messages?
  • With resources tighter than ever, what does the future hold for the internal comms function?
  • The next big thing? Predictions on the next trends and technologies to watch out for in 2020 and beyond
  • Explore the changing role of internal communications in the business as it gains strategic influence

Sneh Sidhu-Barker, People Partner, Rolls-Royce

John Townsend, Head of Internal Communications, Unicef UK

David Cooke, Head of Corporate Internal Communications, Home Office

16:50 Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference