31 Speakers: Inspire & Empower Employees, Connect A Hybrid Workforce, Boost Channel Performance & Deliver Measurable Results With

Innovative, Engaging & Digitally-Robust Strategic Internal Communications Strategies

Engage & Connect Remote & Hard To Reach ■ Digital, Tech, Trends & Transformation ■ Change, Culture & Wellbeing ■ Engagement In The Face Of Change ■ Cut-Through Channel & Content Strategies ■ Purpose Driven IC ■ Internal Meets External ■ The Strategic Role Of IC ■ Empower & Inspire Leaders ■ Measuring Engagement, Impact & ROI ■ Employee Experience & Engagement ■ The Future Of IC

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Aileen Thompson, Director; Communications & Stakeholder Management, HS2 Ltd       

Shalini Gupta, Senior Internal Communications Manager, UKIMEA, ARUP




09.10 Drive Forward Robust, Resilient & Flexible Internal Comms Frameworks Which Engage, Connect & Inspire All Employees No Matter Where They Are Based

  • In today’s changing workforce, explore the best strategies and innovations proven to successfully engage and inspire all employees and cultivate a connected culture regardless of whether they are deskless, hybrid, remote or office based
  • Uncover the best tips and tricks to successfully reach a dispersed workforce with tailored and accessible lines of communication which balances the needs of the individual, the team and the organisation
  • Tear down communication barriers and encourage engagement by embedding tools, technologies and practices which support and connect teams worldwide, tackling time zones and location barriers
  • One size doesn’t fit all! Explore flexible and innovative IC strategies which reach employees without immediate access to email, apps or social

Jessica Tompkinson, Global Head of Communications & Corporate Affairs, Operations at Unilever




09.30 Leverage New & Existing Digital Tools & Technologies In An Increasingly Digital-First Workforce To Ensure Your Internal Communications Are Robust, Efficient & Dynamic

  • What will disrupt digital next? Explore the upcoming cutting-edge digital and tech advances forecasted to increase efficiencies in your IC strategies today
  • Digital fit for a hybrid workforce! Create efficient employee apps that are both accessible, cost-effective and user-friendly to communicate fast-paced, instant and bitesize information
  • Investment is the first hurdle, but implementation is the next! Manage the inevitable change and disruption which comes with tech updates by strategically planning a smooth and seamless process of implementation
  • How can you add real value to your business by identifying and leveraging user-friendly digital which will optimise uptake and adoption?

Katie Panayi, Senior Group Internal Communications Manager, Bupa

Helen Ball, Senior Group Internal Communications Manager, Bupa

10.10 Bonus Session; Reserved For Cowry Consulting

10.25 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

10.55 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner




11.10 Prioritise, Protect & Support Your Employees With Empowering IC & A Change-Ready & Adaptive Culture Which Champions Employee Voice, Prioritises Diversity & Wellbeing & Reignites A Feeling Of Belonging 

  • Promote an open and inclusive company culture and avoid a top-down approach to empower employees to feel comfortable opening up about mental health and wellbeing
  • Prioritise health, wellbeing and duty of care and ensure they are embedded at the heart of your IC strategies by determining the role IC plays in supporting employee’s wellbeing today
  • As change becomes a constant, how can you build a culture of resilience within your IC strategies to help employees cope with unpredictable change?
  • Ensure employees are being taken on the culture change journey with clear and concise strategies to raise staff morale and mitigate change fatigue
  • How can we all contribute to building and diversifying IC as an industry, championing differences and inspiring real and lasting change?

Camilla Manistre, Head of Internal Communications, Coutts

Helen Bradbury, Director of Org Development, Internal Comms & Engagement, E.ON UK

Caroline Lagden, Head of Internal Communications, Lloyds Banking Group

Andrew Burrell, Head of Portfolio Marketing & Communications, Nokia

Nicole McDermott, Global Engagement & Experience Manager, Bibby Financial Services

Lee Irving, Senior Employee Communications Manager – Frontline, Thames Water



11.40 Maximise Impactful, Focused & Reassuring Internal Communications Through Times Of Change & Disruption To Boost Workforce Productivity, Performance & Employee Experience

  • Examine the brand new innovations industry leaders are implementing to authentically connect with employees and ensure they feel valued, informed and part of a community through times of change, uncertainty and disruption
  • Are your IC change strategies truly speaking to all employees? Listen and respond to employee feedback and adapt and update your strategies to ensure change is embraced by all and pushed forwards for boosted engagement and bottom-line results
  • Ensure employees understand the rationale behind the change you are planning to implement and bring them along the change journey to sustain a motivated, results-driven and high-performing workforce

Fiona Passantino, Senior Culture & Engagement Manager, Danone


12.00 Showcase IC Success! Enrich Your Channel & Content Opportunities & Deliver Powerful, Creative & Authentic Content That Drives Engagement, Productivity & Performance

  • What does it take to create and develop compelling internal content in 2023? Determine exactly how your employees want messages and comms to be conveyed and received and strike the right balance between digital and face-to-face comms
  • Teams, Workplace, SharePoint… what channel mix will work best for you? Successfully optimise the right communication channels which guarantee boosted engagement for your employees
  • From surveys to socials and videos to podcasts… champion a targeted channel mix which excites employees alongside punchy content to drive engagement across all touchpoints
  • The art of authenticity! Strike the right tone with storytelling to promote genuine and meaningful content which builds trust and breaks down barriers

David Taylor, Senior Communications Manager, Internal Communications, Tesco Bank



12.20 Successfully Embed Your Organisation’s Purpose, Vision & Values Into IC Strategies Authentically To Prioritise Employee Voice, Advocacy & Cohesion & Power Long-Term Engagement

  • Construct and embed a purpose and value-driven culture in your business that celebrates and inspires employees from recruitment to retirement
  • How can you take corporate initiatives and turn them into something that is meaningful, engaging and inspiring for employees?
  • Purpose is the result of a collaborative and cohesive workforce… communicate and align company values and employer branding to connect and reignite purpose within your teams
  • Empower your employees to become advocates and boost identity and authenticity to make them feel a truly valued part of your business
  • The five pillars of engagement: from radical listening and new work models to conscious workload reduction, empowerment and purpose, what will tomorrow’s workplace look like?


12.40 As The Line Between Internal & External Communications Continues To Blur, Go Above & Beyond To Support & Engage Employees Through External Crises & Changes

  • As the internal landscape is translated outside work, and vice versa, what is the role of IC professionals as communicators to listen and support employees internally?
  • Effectively and strategically collaborate between external and internal teams to ensure information and content is being relayed in an easy-to-read fashion
  • It’s glass bricks! With the divide between internal and external, ensure transparent and reactive comms that respond to our employees’ concerns
  • How are you supporting colleagues internally through the cost-of-living crisis? Explore new policies in this area and examine how these are being communicated sensitively to your employees 

Tracey Foy, Senior Internal Communications Manager, Expedia Group

13.00 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.30 Informal Breakout Discussions


14.00 Afternoon Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Anna Epps, Internal Corporate Communications Director, BT Group






14.10 Position Secured! Maintain Momentum By Demonstrating The Strategic Value & Influence Of IC As An Integral, Trusted & Critical Function

    • From strategy to wellbeing to purpose, discuss and debate the strategically fundamental role IC plays in supporting and driving the direction of organisations today
    • Retain the vital seat at the top table! IC has well and truly proven its place as a trusted and critical business function, so how can we take IC to the next level and ensure a long-lasting strategic role in overall decision making?
    • A multi-faceted discipline… explore the merging roles of HR, marketing and IC to optimise job role productivity and drive business efficiencies

Russ Brady, Director of Group Communications, Co-op

Allister Fowler, Director, Corporate Communications, MUFG

Jerina Hardy, Head of Communications, Innocent Drinks

Laura Jameson, Senior Manager, Colleague Communications & Engagement, National Grid

Catherine Brooks, Head of Internal Communications & Engagement, Affinity Water

14.40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner – Seenit – Why employee video should be a crucial part of your 2023 comms strategy

  • What is employee video, and why top Internal Communication teams are adopting it
  • Introducing the concept of meaningful engagement, with customer examples from H&M and Relx
  • Why engaging & retaining top talent is critical and what role employee video can play

Freddy Cleveley, Vice President of Customer Success, Seenit



14.40 Empower & Equip Leaders To Communicate Effectively, Develop Top Management Abilities & Inspire Authentic Lines Of Communication

  • Level up your leadership! Upskill your thought-leaders to keep pace with not only digital innovations, but also DEI, CSR and ESG initiatives
  • What’s on the leadership table in 2023 and beyond? How can you work effectively with your leadership team to ensure that all employees are listened to and the employee voice is widely represented?
  • Upskill your managers and senior leaders to have comms confidence and be inspiring communicators who encourage meaningful and transparent conversations and relationships

14.40 Perspective One

Kevin Green, Chief People Officer, FirstGroup plc

15.00 Perspective Two

Ben Dresner Barnes, Head of Strategic Communications, Compass Group PLC

15.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.50 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.20 Showcase The Success Of Your IC By Maximising Metrics & Measurement Which Tangibly Prove Value, Impact & Bottom-line Results 

  • Maximise impact by determining the best measurement tools, metrics and strategies for your organisation which capture real, tangible results and influence future strategies
  • Measuring is step one, taking action is step two! Translate data into actionable insights which can be actively implemented to refresh your IC strategies and revive engagement levels
  • Benchmark success and leverage qualitative research strategies to gain a deeper level of insight, driving employee feedback to the next level

Claire Jasper, Head of Brand & Internal Communications, Quilter




16.40 Guarantee Next-Level Employee Experience & Engagement With Brand New & Inspiring Internal Communication Strategies Which Reignite Productivity, Drive Performance & Secure Employee Buy-In

  • Update, refresh and revive your IC engagement strategies to speak to a multigenerational workforce with positive, cut-through and productive communications
  • Power employee-centric, engaging and authentic communications which increase motivation and instil employee pride in representing the organisation as ambassadors
  • Unlock industry secrets… how are brands attracting and appealing to all employees, driving colleague buy-in, productivity and sky-high engagement?
  • How can you create next-level experiences in a digital-first world, ensuring colleagues are connected and motivated both in the room and on zoom?

Chris Norbury, Chief People Officer, E.ON UK

Anne-Marie Lister, Chief People Officer, Atom Bank

Andrew Moir, Communications Manager for Finance, HR & Corporate Functions, Shell

Wendel Verbeek, Head of Transformation Communications, LSEG

Tim Dorsett, Culture Manager, Innocent Drinks

Laura Pickering, Internal Communications Lead, Cancer Research UK


17.10 Future-Proof Your Internal Comms Ready To Thrive & Survive Amidst Constantly Changing & Evolving Employee Expectations, Challenging Economic Climates & Unexpected Disruptions 

  • Horizon scanning and industry benchmarking… what new innovations and trends are in the pipeline to ensure you stay ahead of the curve to meet and exceed your business targets?
  • Prepare for the future of digital internal communications! Adapt and embrace demographic and technological shifts to keep pace with the changing role of IC
  • What will the workplace look like in 2023 and beyond? Maintain a sustainable working rhythm and momentum to support your employees
  • As budgets are cut and financial challenges prevail, how will internal comms maintain its strategic position? 

17.30 Afternoon Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

Anna Epps, Internal Corporate Communications Director, BT Group

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