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Returning On June 18th 2019, Unite With Senior Heads & Directors Of Internal Communications As They Present At The 6th Annual Internal Communications Conference

Engaging, Impactful, Strategic Internal Communications Which Boost Bottom-Line Results
Demonstrably Drive Engagement & Productivity With Fresh, Engaging Communications Inspired By Audience-Led, Measurement-Focused Strategies With The Latest Social & Digital Channel Innovations To Win Strategic Buy-In & Future-Proof Your Internal Comms
A Practitioner-Led, One-Day Conference & Networking Event, 18th June 2019, One Great George Street, Central London

08:30 Registration & Coffee, Objective Setting

09:00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Chris Newstead
Head of Internal Communications
Wellcome Trust



09:15 Boost Workforce Passion, Productivity & ROI With Engaging, Audience-Led Storytelling & Internal Communications Strategies Which Accomplish More With Less In A Changing Workplace

  • Give your communications an informed overhaul with fun and creative messages that keep a diverse workforce engaged and meet employee needs
  • Bring the company to life through more human-focused strategies which capture workers’ hearts and minds, project your company values and boost your employer brand
  • Time is money! Shorter, snappier communications which get the message across in an era where attention spans are shorter than ever

Paul Downey
Head of Internal Communications & Engagement


09:35 Harness Social Networks & Implement Successful Monitoring Procedures For Maximum Impact & Engagement

  • Internal social networks that support culture change, collaboration and visibility
  • Great internal campaigns which engage and educate colleagues on internal social media and encourage uptake
  • Making staff part of the story! Collaborating with colleagues to deliver authentic, employee-generated content
  • Learning from what works and looking ahead

Sian Jones
Head of Internal Communications
Bank of England

09:55 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Partner.


10:15 Invest In & Implement The Tools & Channels Your Employees Actually Want To Use To Guarantee Engaging, Smooth Communications

  • Get a glimpse at what’s around the corner for internal comms and how digital is changing the process! New and upcoming tools to enhance engagement
  • What platforms, apps and tools should you be investing in and which are on their way out?
  • Make the most of a limited budget with free tools and in-house tactics that you can implement right away
  • Learn how to digitalise and future-proof your strategies without alienating segments of your workforce

Mindaugas Bazys
GDPR Communications & Engagement Lead
WM Morrison Supermarkets PLC

Steve Hargreaves
Internal Communications Manager
pladis UK & Ireland

Maria Purcell
Head Of Commercial Partnerships
Workplace by Facebook

10:45 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11:15 From Engagement Surveys To Increased Retention! Determine The Right Measures To Demonstrate Internal Comms’ Impact On The Workforce & The Business

  • Set internal benchmarks for success to create a picture of how effectively your communications are impacting your staff and bolstering engagement in your workforce
  • Build and implement a strategy driven by actionable measurements and audience insights to reach above and beyond your targets
  • Ditch retroactive analysis and reconsider the annual survey with a more forwardthinking, agile measurement approach
  • What else you can measure with your selection of tools to get the full picture?

Jody Lewis
Head of Internal Communications
Lloyds Banking Group


11:35 Demonstrate Your Value With The Latest Measures & Metrics To Build More Trust & Buy-In From The Boardroom & Position Internal Comms As A Strategic Function

  • Effective methods of demonstrating the value of internal comms to senior leaders to ensure increased investment
  • Tailor your language and build stronger relationships with leaders to identify and overcome common barriers
  • Attribute activities to the bottom line and prove the value of internal comms

Vanessa Unwin
Group Head of Internal Communications
Hitachi Rail


11:45 Using Innovative, Actionable Employee Insight To Drive Engagement & Shape Organisational Culture

Ghassan Karian
Managing Partner
Karian and Box


12:15 Tear Down Communication Barriers & Encourage Engagement Across Locations & Timezones

  • Build deeper insights into how to speak to your workforce and tailor your messages to a broad range of generational, cultural and geographical demographics
  • Implement the right tools, processes and channels to ensure your message is accessible across audiences
  • Foster a company culture that understands the importance of bridging gaps between workforces

Deborah Smith
Senior Internal Communications Manager

12:35 Hard-To-Reach Breakout Topics

Rhiannon Edwards
Head of Internal Communications

Kirsty Bowen
Internal Communications Manager
Coventry Building Society

Matthew Pittam
Head of Internal Communications & Brand
Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks

Shelley Benson
Communications Director
Eurovia UK

E) International

F) Generation Gaps

12:55 Morning Roundup & Lunchtime Announcements

13:00 Lunch for Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13:30 Informal Lunchtime Peer Discussions

A) Working On A Budget
Zoe Chiverton
Head of Internal Communications
Great Ormond Street Hospital

B) Wellbeing
Keren McCarron
Head of Corporate Affairs & Communications
KP Snacks

C) Engagement
Lauren Young
Head of Communications
Shop Direct

D) On-Brand Content
Demetri Petrou
Internal Communications Manager
Channel 4

E) Using Innovative, Actionable Employee Insight To Drive Engagement & Shape Organisational Culture
Ghassan Karian
Managing Partner
Karian and Box

F) Employee Insight
Sharon Kemp
Internal Communications Manager

G) Building Trust
Deppie Pangalos

Senior Internal Communications & Engagement Manager
Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency

H) Strategic Role Of IC
Kathryn Kneller
Communications Director, IT Transformation

14:00 Afternoon Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Ann Hood
Head of Internal Communications
Aegon UK

Ashley Sweetland
Director, Global Internal Communications


14:05 How Internal Communications Support A Company Culture That Will Thrive In Times Of Constant Change

  • How to make your people feel valued, informed, part of a community and listened to through times of unprecedented and unpredictable change
  • Delivering communications that minimise the impact on your people, addressing uncertainties whilst remaining open and honest
  • Creating impact with a range of communication channels connected through an integrated communications campaign approach

Sarah Meurer
Head of Internal Communications


14:25 Determining The Right Channels, Content & Media Mix For Effective, Engaging Multi-Channel Communications To Different Audiences

  • Optimise your resources and strategies with the right mix of traditional channels and new platforms which reflect your workforce’s needs
  • Customise your messaging per channel for agile comms and content which keeps workers up-to-date and engaged with your company brand
  • Get the balance right! Strategically prioritise content and messaging to avoid over-communicating

Jamie Morgan
Head of Internal Campaigns
Department of Health & Social Care

14:45 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Partner Speaker. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email


15:05 Equip, Engage & Inspire Line Managers With The Right Tools & Communication Skills To Motivate Colleagues & Cascade Messaging

  • Engage and empower middle managers to take ownership and understand the importance of communicating across the business
  • Best-practice methods, training and tools to make sure leaders get crucial support in order to drive company-wide engagement
  • Inspire leaders and instil confidence to take honest and creative approaches to storytelling

Vicki Davies
Head of Internal Communication
Highways England

15:35 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


15:55 Internal Comms Thought-Leaders Share Their Insights & Answer Your Burning Questions

Get practical, front-line insights and top tips to help your communications excel. Quiz the experts and get your own questions answered directly.

Guy Esnouf
Director of Communications

Caroline Thomas
Director of Operational HR, Communications & Engagement

Lauren Heathcote
Internal Communications Manager
Auto Trader UK

Alice Oliver
Head of Internal Communications
University of Derby

Mark Bunker
Head of Internal Communications
Aldermore Bank


16:25 Reinventing Internal Comms At Sky

Jim Cockin
Head of Internal Communications


16:40 Give Your Audience What They Want With Short, Engaging & Accessible Videos Produced In-House & Within Budget

  • Grab their attention! Keep viewers interested by producing short, visually creative and punchy videos that get the message across
  • How to do more with less? Create excellent videos in-house cost-effectively
  • Get the best reach by choosing the right video content and platforms for your audience

Rachel Dies
Head of Employer Experience
Britvic PLC


17:00 Strategically Keep Pace With The Evolving Needs & Expectations Of Employees & The Role Of Internal Communications & The Business In A Changing Workplace

  • How can internal comms better position itself as a strategic function within the business for greater impact?
  • We’ve just gotten used to millennials, now Gen Z are in the workplace! How to best prepare ourselves to deliver in the new working world
  • Change is constant! Bolstering your comms function and strategies to best communicate and support your business through change and keep internal comms at the top table

Tanya Burak
Director of Internal Communications

Manuel Sattig
Head of Communications Plants Oxford, Swindon & Hams Hall
BMW Group

Harpreet Sanghera
Senior Communications Manager
Müller UK & Ireland

Kathryn Kneller
Communications Director, IT Transformation

17:30 Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference