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39 Internal Communications Directors Confirmed To Present Their Latest, Innovative IC Strategies In 1 DayFor Group Discounts, Please Call + 44 (0)203 479 2299. 

Reflect, Review & Reimagine To Engage & Empower A Hybrid Workforce, Validate IC As A Critical Function & Deliver Results Post-Pandemic With New Strategic, Targeted & Engaging Internal Communications Strategies:
Hybrid & Hard-To-Reach Workforces • Post-Pandemic Engagement • Digital Tools, Tech & Transformation • Employee Experience & Engagement • Health, Wellbeing, Culture & Change • Diversity, Inclusion, Equality & Belonging • The Strategic Role Of IC • Channel & Content Strategies • Engaging Leaders, Securing Buy-In • Measuring Success • The Future Of Internal Communications.

A One-Day, Cross-Sector Conference & Networking Event, 29th June 2022, Central London.

08.40 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Mark Anderson, Director of Communications, Ofwat

Jazz Singh, Deputy Global Head of Communications, Societe Generale


09.10 Critical Questions Answered! Establish A Robust & Flexible Internal Comms Framework Which Reaches, Motivates & Engages Every Employee

  • Hybrid working is now a strategic objective of all IC leaders, so how are organisations adopting and implementing a structure
    which is tailored, flexible and cultivates a collective culture?
  • How can we engage a dispersed workforce digitally, as well as physically, with the right tools, technologies, and infrastructure?
  • Put yourself in their shoes! Discover what leaders can do to better understand and bridge gaps with remote workers and hard-to-reach employees to foster transparent relationships no matter the location or time zone
  • Reaching the hard-to-reach: best practice tips and tricks on how to successfully communicate to employees who do not have immediate access to email or social channels

Ben Wilkie, Head of Internal Communications, Royal Mail Group


09.30 Reflect, Retain & Reimagine! Strive For Sky-High Engagement, Successful Workforce Collaboration & Improved Productivity With Innovative & Practical Post-Pandemic Strategies

  • How can we get to a new standard of IC, post-Covid? Review and evaluate the crucial tools, tech and materials being utilised to boost engagement, productivity and promote belonging
  • Determine what changes IC professionals and business leaders have successfully made to communication strategies to authentically connect with employees and reignite the essential feeling of belonging
  • Better together! Ensure a clear line of sight is drawn between colleagues and a company’s values and vision and manage expectations to successfully rebuild employee engagement and collaboration

Alice Colarusso, Head of Internal Communications, ITV

Tor Goldfield, Senior Director of Internal Communications & Employee Engagement, Expedia Group

David Cooke, Leadership Communications & Engagement Lead, Home Office

Kevin Green, Chief People Officer, FirstGroup plc

Maureen Chambers, Group Head of Internal Communications, William Hill

Mhairi Mclaren, Head of Global Digital Channels, Aviva

Kevin Johnson, Head of Internal Communications, High Speed Two

Vanessa Lovatt, Chief Evangelist, Glisser


10.00 Seamlessly Integrate & Optimise The Latest Digital Tools & Technologies Gaining Ground In The Internal Communications Space To Ensure Increased Efficiencies & Deliver Real Results

  • What is next for IC tech? Explore what is in the pipeline that IC teams can benefit from and should be aware of
  • Teams, Yammer, Zoom, Slack…. review, reflect and determine which platforms and social channels work best for you and your organisation
  • Pause and rewind: as the world turned to digital and rapidly implemented new tech and digital strategies to connect employees, ensure your teams understand how to use the tools to their full advantage in order to maximise productivity

Kirsty Walden, Head of Internal Communications, Virgin Media 02


10.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Cowry Consulting

Ziba Goddard, Chief Consulting Officer, Cowry Consulting

Raphy March, Chief Design Officer, Cowry Consulting

10.35 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.05 Power Fresh, Strategic & Effective Employee Engagement To Secure Colleague Buy-In & Reignite Productivity Levels

  • Maximise brand new insights and fresh and effective strategies to navigate the new digital world and secure sky-high engagement
  • Ensure your messages land! How can IC transition from simply communicating to actually engaging employees across the business, no matter where they are based?
  • Overcoming barriers and adapting to change: implement focused and simple communication strategies which connect employees in unsettling times

Donna Reeves, Head of Internal Communications & Engagement, Fenwick

Alana Renner, Head of Communications & Engagement, Canada Life UK

Gurvinder Sidhu, Senior Communications & Engagement Manager, NHS

Lucy Scrannage, Head of Internal Communications, Rolls-Royce

Shaheena Ormerod-Sachedina, Internal Communications & Employee Engagement Specialist, Penguin Random House UK

Emma Duke, Head of Communications, Education, Oxford University Press

Kate Bromley, Head of Internal Communications, RSPCA

Jon Cox, Head of Sales, The Bot Platform


11.35 Bonus Session; Reserved For WM Reply


11.50 Nurture An Open & Trusted Company Culture, Raise Awareness, Reconnect Employees & Recognise The Importance Of Health & Wellbeing Support

  • The ‘speak up’ ethos: create a supportive organisational culture by empowering colleagues to feel comfortable coming forward to discuss their mental health and wellbeing
  • In times of disruption and uncertainty what changes do IC need to make to prioritise wellbeing, and how can we embed wellbeing into all communications whilst being mindful of overworking staff?
  • Determine the role of IC in supporting employee’s health and wellbeing in the new working world and ensure colleagues remain cohesive and motivated while at home
  • Avoid the fatigue that comes with change by implementing clear and concise strategies to cultivate increased productivity and raise staff morale

Jade Archibald, Head of People Transformation & Colleague Communications, Shell Energy Retail


12.10 Embed D&I Into Organisational DNA - Develop An Inclusive Company Culture By Understanding & Engaging Every Employee

  • Avoiding a tick-box approach: how can we make internal communication processes more genuine and authentic in order to truly celebrate diversity in the workplace?
  • Tangible steps to firmly cement diversity, inclusion, equality and belonging into company culture to enable colleagues to bring their whole selves to work
  • Truly accessible communications: guarantee all colleagues feel valued, heard and supported by adapting and ensuring that communications are user-friendly

Kate Reynolds, Director of Communications, Sanctuary Group


12.30 Bonus Session; Reserved For Introva


12.45 Retain That Vital Seat At The Table! Demonstrate Internal Communications As A Trusted & Critical Business Function Which Drives Strategic Direction

  • Not merely a crisis aversion! The pandemic has brought IC to the forefront so how can we harness this moving forward and continue to prove the strategic role IC plays post-pandemic?
  • Take internal comms to the next level: from strategy to wellbeing and belonging, IC has been vital over the past 2 years to connect employees. Now is the time to take this even further and start influencing other teams within your business
  • Demonstrate the bottom-line results of your efforts to secure senior leadership and gain trusted advisor status to ultimately verify the value of IC as a discipline

Chris Norbury, Chief People Officer & Member of the Board, E.ON UK

Sarah Courtice, Group Director of Internal Communications, Sky

Laura Colantuono, Head of Internal Communications, The Kraft Heinz Company

Georgina Panting, Head of Internal Communications, Metro Bank (UK)

Christopher Taylor, Head of Internal Communications, Eurostar

Jo Hudson, Group Director of Internal Communications, Bupa

Matt Crabb, Head of Employee Communications & Engagement, De Beers Group

13.15 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners


13.50 Informal Breakout Discussions

A) Social Media

Rosie Park, Head of Communications, Sanctuary Group

B) Wellbeing

Kitty Appleby, Global Internal Communications Manager, Tate & Lyle

C) Mental Health

D) Attrition

14.00 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Kirsty Walden, Head of Internal Communications, Virgin Media 02

Lydia Hatley, Director of Engagement & Culture Development, Holland & Barrett

14.15 Afternoon Co-Chairs' Opening Remarks


14.25 Bonus Session; Reserved For LumApps


14.40 Cut-Through & Guarantee Improved Engagement With Innovative, Targeted & Creative Content & Channel Strategies

  • Avoid an over-complicated channel mix and guarantee that crucial messages stick for employees by simplifying channels to retain a captive and engaged audience
  • The employee-led market: prioritise channels based on audience demand to ultimately improve the efficiency of IC processes
  • The best of both worlds: ensure the right balance between digitally dominated channels and face-to-face communications is met


15.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Addin365


15.15 Empower Leaders, Maximise Senior Stakeholder Buy-In & Secure Investment By Encouraging Open Conversations Between Leaders & Employees & Showcasing Bottom-Line Results

  • Deliver results for continued buy-in by inspiring and empowering senior management to become relatable and authentic communicators
  • Be seen and heard! How can we make top management more visible in organisations authentically?
  • Develop tight-knit relationships with leadership to align key communication goals and breakdown corporate barriers in order to secure long-term investment

15.35 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Case Study with DRPG

16.05 Empower Leaders, Maximise Stakeholder Buy-In & Secure Investment: 

  • Develop top management visibility and inspire leaders to become authentic communicators
  • The connection between the way we engage and communicate with our people and the success of the organisation is well documented, yet some leaders still don’t make this connection and place internal comms low in their priorities. Leaders who do not embrace internal comms, frankly, can’t deserve to call themselves a leader.
  • So how can comms professionals engage with their leaders and convince them to put to the top of their busy schedules an informative, engaging and exciting internal comms strategy, which makes their people feel included and encourages feedback.
  • The presentation will give practical advice on how to inspire leaders to be part of the comms process, be proactive and not simply just a last-minute commitment. How do you understand the leader’s vision and how can we present ROI which delivers the business case for their undivided attention. 
  • Content will be drawn from Dale’s own experience as both a leader of one of the largest comms agencies in the UK and working with some of the most well-known brands and their senior leaders on their internal comms activations.

Dale Parmenter, CEO, DRPG


16.20 Implement The Right Measurement Tools & Techniques To Effectively Capture The Success Of Your Internal Communication Strategies For Maximised Impact & Influence

  • Keep comms strategies agile by utilising the best measurement tools and translating insights and figures into compelling narratives
    that demand senior backing
  • Maximise employee listening: observe and filter vital employee feedback in order to influence future strategies
  • Bridge the gap between measurement and ROI by leveraging the crucial metrics which capture IC success to tick the right boxes for senior execs

Matthew Knowles, Head of Employee Communications, Thames Water


16.40 Maintain Momentum, Keep Up With Changing & Evolving Employee Expectations With Clear, Strategic & Future-Proofed Internal Communication Strategies

  • The changing internal comms landscape - with budgets more prominent than ever, what does the future hold for the internal
    comms function?
  • Where does the future of IC sit within the digital landscape, and what level of upskilling will be required to meet business targets?
  • Change is inevitable! Predict the new trends to watch out for in 2022 and beyond in order to stay ahead of the game and adapt quickly
  • As internal communication continues to secure strategic influence, explore the changing role of the discipline and how to best prepare your teams

Matthew Knowles, Head of Employee Communications, Thames Water

Supreet Thomas, Head of Communications, TSB

Shalini Gupta, Employee Experience Communications Lead, BT Enterprise

Anisha Mistry-Jones, Internal Communications Manager, Which?

Kevin Lennon, Internal Communications Manager, National Express

Jane Young, Director Internal Communications, Legal & General

16.50 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks

Kirsty Walden, Head of Internal Communications, Virgin Media 02

Lydia Hatley, Director of Engagement & Culture Development, Holland & Barrett

17.10 Afternoon Co-Chairs' Closing Remarks

17.20 Official Close Of Conference


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