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We Look Forward To Welcoming You Tomorrow! Don’t Miss 42 Brands Including B&Q, BMW, Nestle, KP Snacks & More Reveal Engaging, Strategic Internal Comms Which Boost Bottom-Line Results!

Demonstrably Drive Engagement & Productivity With Fresh, Engaging Communications Inspired By Audience-Led, Measurement-Focused Strategies With The Latest Social & Digital Channel Innovations To Win Strategic Buy-In & Future-Proof Your Internal Comms
A Practitioner-Led, One-Day Conference & Networking Event, 18th June 2019, One Great George Street, Central London

Transform Your Internal Communications With In-Depth Audience Insights For Compelling Content & Messages That Engage Office-Based & Hard-To-Reach Workers, Exploit Emerging Channels, Social Media & Tools & Gain Buy-In From Senior Leaders & Managers

  1. Boost Engagement & Productivity With Innovative & Creative Internal Communications: Bring your company to life with attention-grabbing comms which inspire workforce passion
  2. Drive Social Media Insight & ROI: Keep up to speed with current trends and successful platforms to deliver with an authentic voice
  3. Unlock New Digital Tools & The Latest Trends: Digitalise and future-proof your communications base to keep staff engaged
  4. Measure Engagement & Success, Gain Strategic Buy-In For IC: Savvy methods to evaluate engagement, quantify value added and keep your seat at the top table
  5. Bridge The Gap & Engage The Hard-To-Reach: Tear down barriers with targeted comms for an increasingly mobile, tech-free, remote, international and diverse workforce
  6. Build A Culture Which Thrives On Change: Bring the focus back to employees with a human-centred approach
  7. Effective, Engaging Multi-Channel Strategies: Determine the right channels, content and media mix to reflect your employee needs
  8. Equip & Empower Leaders To Take Charge! Support leaders and managers to confidently take ownership of motivating colleagues and cascading messages
  9. Is Video The New Email? In-house, cost-effective tools for videos that really appeal
  10. Future-Proofed Internal Comms: Position internal comms for maximum strategic influence and ready the business for what’s around the corner
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PLUS! This Internal Communications Conference Also Features:

  • More Speakers Than Ever Before! 42 Internal Communications Directors Take To The Stage In 1 Day
  • 8 Peer-To-Peer Discussions: Low Budgets; Trust; Shorter, Snappier Messages; Digital Transformation; Wellbeing; Diversity & Inclusivity; Employee Insight; Strategic Role Of IC
  • 7 Hard-To-Reach Interactive Breakouts: International • Remote • Low-Engaged • Unconnected • Time-Poor • Generation Gaps • International
  • 2 Interactive Hot-Topic Panels
  • Thought-Leader Open Forum
  • Advisory Board
  • Senior-Level Networking
  • Interactive Voting
  • Open Q&A
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Drive Engagement • Social Media Success • Digital Tools & Trends • Measurement & Engagement • Prove Success, Gain Strategic Buy-In • Hard-To-Reach Change & Culture • Multi-Channel Strategies • Empower Leaders • Advisory Board Open Forum • Creativity & Innovation • Video Quick Wins • Future Strategies

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