Programme 2024

Spark Brand New Ideas, Supercharge Strategic Impact & Showcase Tangible Results With

Practical, Proactive & Powerful Internal Communication Strategies

27th June 2024 | 11th Annual | Central London

27th June 2024 | 10 Union Street, Central London



Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome



Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

David Cooke, Permanent Secretary Leadership Communications & Engagement Lead, Home Office

Nicola Pearson, Director of Communications, British Airways



High-Impact Employee Experiences & Engagement

Supercharge Employee Engagement & Motivation With People-Centric Comms That Promote Productivity, Morale & Long-Term Employee Buy-In

  • Make employees feel seen and heard by responding to their needs! Craft tailored, audience-led IC content that excites, inspires and motivates while avoiding invasive micro-management
  • Keep your brand on track with bespoke communications with a clear narrative that aligns expectations across the board and puts your brand values front and centre
  • Gain invaluable insights and real-world case studies from top UK brands – how are other businesses utilising the far-reaching power of IC to engage and retain employee attention? How can you adapt these practical and actionable tips for your own brand?
  • Speak to hearts and minds! In uncertain and unsettling times, how can your IC strategies avoid employee alienation and reassure your workforce that the future is bright?

Sarah Tait, Workplace Adoption Lead, Lloyds Bank

Anisha Mistry-Jones, Senior Internal Communications Manager, Which?

Lee Irving, Head of Employee Communications & Engagement, Thames Water



Maximising Limited Budgets

Utilise Innovate & Inventive IC Strategies To Achieve Maximum Value From Affordable Content To Suit Any Company Size & Budget

  • Make every penny count! Explore methods for optimising reach and engagement to deliver world-class internal communications that do not break the bank
  • Be discerning and selective – know how, when, and where to deploy your best IC content to ensure that it truly cuts through for maximum impact
  • Streamline storytelling to promote brand values and foster internal loyalty through limited messaging
  • Get creative! Analyse original, eye-catching IC strategies that think outside the box to find a methodology that works for you




Brand-New Hybrid Workforce & Remote Engagement Strategies

Innovate & Inspire With Wide-Reaching Communication Frameworks That Speak To All Levels & Connect With Hybrid, Remote & Harder-To-Reach Employees

  • As hybrid working becomes an increasingly dominant aspect of modern work culture, how can you ensure that remote and hard-to-reach workers receive the same level of comms and attention as their office-based counterparts?
  • Investigate the best tools, strategies, and methodologies for speaking effectively to all workers, spanning across geographical, generational and cultural barriers
  • Ensure no employee is left behind! How can your IC strategies promote a unified workforce and ensure that employees in widespread locations are engaged not just with the company but with each other?
  • No two workers are the same – understand the immediate and long-term needs that come with different employee roles and adapt your comms strategies to ensure everyone feels seen and heard 
Ilaria Galfredi, Business Support & Development Manager, Air France

Alf Rodway, General Manager, Air France



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Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking



AI, Automation, Strategic Tech & Digital

Boost Your IC Efficiencies By Effectively Integrating AI & Cutting-Edge New Tech & Digital Developments Which Future-Proof Your Business & Add Real Value

  • Embrace the future! If AI is inevitable, how can you best harness it as a powerful tool to simplify and streamline comms and reduce time-consuming workloads?
  • Machine learning, gamification, behavioural science – what trends are here to stay, and how will they affect the IC world in the near future?
  • Utilise the latest social channels and online platforms to provide simple problem-solving solutions that work for your budget
  • Old meets new! How can effective and thorough training ensure that tools and processes are being used efficiently to engage new staff and avoid alienating established workers?




Culture, Change & Wellbeing

Foster Progressive & Protective Company Cultures By Embedding Wellbeing Into The Heart Of IC Practices & Promoting Authentic Connections At All Levels

  • Inspire leaders to engage with best practices in wellbeing and health to create an inclusive community that avoids employee turnover and drives long-term loyalty and retention
  • Nurture a culture that allows employees to speak openly and honestly about physical and mental health, and have a clear roadmap for practical support that works in reality and doesn’t just look good on paper
  • Phone calls, web chats, in-person meetings – how can you utilise all channels and communications to ensure that employees feel valued, heard, supported, and empowered?
  • Crisis comms: from geopolitics to the cost-of-living crisis, in the current climate the only certainty is uncertainty! How can your IC strategies boost collaboration, resilience, and a framework for mutual support?

Emma Berry, Senior Director & Global Lead, Biopharma Colleague Communications & Engagement, Pfizer

Catherine Brooks, Head of Internal Communications & Engagement, Affinity Water

Richard Hale, Internal Comms Manager, The RSA

Laura Holland, Internal Communications Manager, Croydon Council

John Townsend, Head of Internal Communications, Unicef UK



ED&I – Making IC More Inclusive

Cement Equality, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Into The Heart Of Business Practices For Truly Accessible Internal Communications With Real & Authentic Impact

  • Make sure all voices are heard! Uncover key lessons from employee feedback to adapt and tailor your IC strategies and speak authentically to all workers at all levels
  • Make ED&I more than just a box-ticking exercise by keeping practical and applicable inclusivity at the heart of your internal communications and company culture
  • Cement the importance of diversity, inclusion and equality in senior management priorities to ensure best practices and genuine consideration are coming all the way from the top

Gemma Webb, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Barratt Developments plc



Measuring Success, Impact & ROI

Validate Your IC Achievements With Quantifiable Metrics & Measurement Strategies Which Demonstrate Real, Tangible Value To Senior Leaders & Stakeholders

  • Share your success stories! Investigate the measurement methods and metrics that can translate raw IC data into a coherent narrative with a clear message
  • Engage C-Suite and senior decision-makers with tailored language, actionable strategies and demonstrable financial results which showcase brand value and establishes IC’s worth
  • Get to the heart of what employees are saying – discover brand new and innovative means of harvesting employee feedback that go beyond simple polls and forms, and highlight what truly is (and isn’t) working at the heart of your company
  • How can you translate feedback into action? Convert your metrics into next-step strategies that highlight real-world and bottom-line benefits of cutting-edge IC

Anthony Aston, Head of Internal Communications, formerly HS2



Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners



Informal Breakout Discussions

a) Language Barriers

b)  Crisis Comms

c)  Change Management

d)  Employee Networks

e)  Mission, Purpose & Values



Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Gerrard Hartland, Deputy Head of Internal Communications, NHS Blood & Transplant

Kevin Johnson, Transformation Communications Lead, Corporate Affairs, AWE



The Strategic Role Of IC

Leverage Your Proven IC Results To Showcase Comms As An Integral Business Function & Power Long-Term Confidence & Strategic Trust

  • Learn by example! Gather cutting-edge insights from leading IC strategists on how to gain C-Suite investment, steer strategic direction and prove real value
  • Not just for crises! Cement IC as a key driver in everyday business practice that fosters strong inter-company relationships and transparent, honest conversations
  • How can effective collaboration between IC, HR and marketing departments keep the whole business machine firing on all cylinders?
  • Secure your seat at the top table! Highlight the bottom-line results and key strategic benefits that demonstrate the value of IC as a critical business partner 

Natalie Spencer, Head of Internal Communications – Global Banking & Markets, Global Commercial Banking, HSBC

Frankie Freeman-Day, Head of Internal & Executive Communications EMEA, YouTube

Laura Colantuono, Head of Internal Communications, Fremantle



Streamline Your Internal Communications

Working With The Business To Deliver Content That Cuts Through

  • Understanding business and colleague priorities in order to streamline clear and straightforward messaging that prioritises quality and importance
  • Communicating clearly to create an employee experience that promotes your priorities and values and avoiding bombardment
  • Valuing and managing stakeholders to create a communications infrastructure that truly works for all parties

Helen Hartley, Head of Campaigns, HMRC



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Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking



Empower & Inspire Leaders

Level-Up Leaders With The Tools & Tactics To Foster Clear Communication, Secure Senior Buy-In & Enfranchise Stakeholders At All Levels

  • Cut through the jargon! From middle management to C-Suite, equip and enable leaders to unlock their inner communicators with authentic, transparent, and inspiring messaging
  • Showcase the bottom-line value and demonstrable results of effective IC to increase leadership buy-in and encourage managers to harness IC tools
  • Break down barriers, strengthen professional relationships and avoid gatekeeping by encouraging confident, meaningful comms from the top down
  • From sustainability and ED&I to AI and new tech, ensure leaders are up to speed with the latest developments in order to lead from the front and speak from a confident and informed standpoint

Sanjay Mistry, Internal Communications Lead, Wellcome Trust



Exclusive Internal Communications Case Study With Virgin Money

Internal Communications Case Study With Virgin Money

  • The importance of human connection in creating and sustaining inclusive cultures
  • Allyship as a vehicle for mindset shifts
  • How we became organisationally BRAVER

Viv McSweeney, Head of DE&I, Employer Brand & Talent Acquisition, Virgin Money



The Future Of IC: Real-World Lessons, Overcoming Barriers & Pitfalls

Plan Ahead To Keep Ahead! Bolster Your IC Strategies Against Future Uncertainty To Maintain Momentum & Mitigate Disruption

  • What might the future hold? Explore forward-thinking insights and up-to-the- minute strategies from the top brands’ IC champions
  • Examine the tech innovations and new trends that are just around the corner – what will stick? How can this be seamlessly integrated to leave no employee behind?
  • How can IC best serve the new hybrid workplace? Tailor your content to align expectations, from leadership to new intake, with real-world pressures and influences
  • With lower budgets and constant external change, prime and upskill your comms to keep pace and maintain your key positioning 

Angelah Evans, Internal Communications Manager, Guy’s & St Thomas’ Foundation

Aliyah Zaidi, Communications Business Partner, Aon

Alice Oliver, Head of Internal Communications, University of Derby

Nazaneen Challawala-Hatimi, Global Internal Communications Director, AXA XL

Eduvie Martin, Group Internal Comms Manager, BAT

Sara Turner, Head of Internal Communications, Prison Resourcing Communications Team, Ministry of Justice UK



Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks

Gerrard Hartland, Deputy Head of Internal Communications, NHS Blood & Transplant

Kevin Johnson, Transformation Communications Lead, Corporate Affairs, AWE